Aquaculture: An opportunity for Europe

Fish in a bucket
Photo: Wolfgang Hauer

Aquaculture is the breeding of fish, mussels and water plants like algi.

Aquaculture is one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the food industry and even today provides us with about half of the fish we eat.

In the new CFP one of the European Commission’s priorities is to promote sustainable European aquaculture. By means of strategic guidelines, and in connection with the EMFF, aquaculture is to become more competitive compared to third countries. For this purpose, Austria has developed the Aquaculture Programme 2020

The EU’s Aquaculture Advisory Council. The new Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) provides for the establishment of stakeholder organisations whose main task is to advise the Commission and the Member States concerned in matters of fisheries management and in socio-economic and stock-conservation aspects of fisheries and aquaculture in their relevant geographical area or field of competence. Austria is represented in this new Advisory Council by the umbrella organisation “Österreichischer Verband für Fischereiwirtschaft und Aquakultur“ (Austrian Association for Fisheries and Aquaculture).