Security of supply in Austria

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Photo: BML / Rene Hemerka

The security of supply of the Austrian population with food, clean drinking water and energy plays a significant role not only with regard to the current international situation. It affects all of the Ministry's responsibilities - agriculture, forestry, regions and water.

In view of the current crisis developments, agriculture and forestry are the key sectors for a sustainable future. As significant sectors in the regions, they can provide our food and those renewable resources for material and energy use that we need in Austria. Maintaining and promoting agricultural and forestry production in our regions is therefore absolutely necessary if food security is to be guaranteed and the climate and energy transition is to be realised.

Agriculture ensures food security

The food supply in Austria is currently secure - this is mainly thanks to Austrian farmers, but also to a functioning value-added chain. However, high energy costs also affect production costs along the entire agri-food value-added chain. It is all the more important that farmers are supported, for example with a security of supply package or an electricity subsidy.

Sustainable forestry

Almost half of Austria’s national territory (47.9 %) is covered with forests. Every year, more grows in Austria than we use. With this "surplus" of wood, around 105,000 additional single-family homes could be built.

Wood offers ecologically valuable and climate-friendly solutions for a sustainable present and future. To strengthen the material and energy use of wood as a sustainable raw material, the Austrian Wood Initiative contains concrete measures and activities that make efficient and innovative use of wood as a construction material and working material as well as as an energy source. Being a CO2-neutral, renewable energy source, wood makes an important contribution to climate protection and independence from fossil fuels. The material and energetic use of wood is not only of particular importance for achieving the climate goals, but also secures income and jobs in the regions.

Water pitcher with drinking water

Safe water supply

Water is needed in households, in industry and trade, and in agriculture. Austria is in the lucky position to have sufficient water reserves of excellent quality. However, as in the whole of Europe, we are also experiencing increasingly longer periods of drought and heat in Austria.

Even though no one can predict how precipitation will develop, longer periods of drought are expected in the future due to climate change. In order to keep the effects of droughts to a minimum, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture relies on preventive and precautionary measures to continue to guarantee a secure supply of drinking water.

Services of general interest as a part of the Regions Strategy

Austria's regions have gained in importance in many respects in recent years. This becomes particularly clear when one considers the regions' performance on important contemporary challenges, such as security of supply.

This is why the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water Management has launched the initiative MEINE REGION - Heimat. Future - Lebensraum. (MY REGION - Home.Future.Living Environment). An important point of the Regions Strategy is regional services of general interest. The focus here is on securing the regional food supply, protection against natural hazards, improved care and education services, climate-friendly mobility and accessibility, and support for voluntary commitment.


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