Structure of the Austrian Forest Dialogue

Structure of the Austrian Forest Dialogue
Photo: BML, APA-Grafik

Several panels and working groups have been established to ensure efficient implementation of the strategy process. However, in the course of the process adaptations may be required to ensure effective implementation of the Forest Dialogue.

Round Table

The Round Table aims to achieve the political balance of forest-related interests and positions and is headed by the forestry minister. It represents the central decision-making body in respect of the topics addressed in the process of the Forest Dialogue, it determines the thematic priorities and decides about the procedure of the process.

The Forest Forum 

Meetings of the Forest Forum (Forest Forums) are organised to allow the discussion of general forest-political issues and the broad coordination of the results achieved by the modules and working groups. At the Forest Forums, an overview of the provisional results is given, any necessary consultations take place, and consensual decisions on thematic and process-related aspects are made. Apart from the harmonisation of interests in forest-relevant issues, the Forest Forum has to prepare decisions for the Round Table and implement the requirements specified by the Round Table.