Consumption of Drinking Water and Water Supply

Mouth of the Traisen river at the Danube power station Altenwörth
Photo: BML / Alexander Haiden

The average consumption of drinking water in Austrian households amounts to about 130 litres per capita per day, not including commerce, industry or bulk users.

In households 22% of this quantity is used for showering and bathing alone, 25% for the toilet flush, 10 % for doing the laundry, and 2 % for dishwashing. In the external area (pool, plants, etc.) 14% are consumed. 27% are flowing through the water taps in the bathroom, the toilet and the kitchen.

In Austria, approx. 93% of the population, i.e. approx. 8 million people, are supplied via central water supply systems. Around 600,0000 people get their drinking water from domestic wells and springs.

The supply network is almost 80,000 km long.