Water WebGIS

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The Water WebGIS applications contain the maps, as well as additional information of the National Water Management Plan, The Flood Risk Management Plan on natural hazards and on Hydrography Austria.

Graphic image - blue - cars, trees, houses

Flood hazards and risk maps

The maps show areas of potential significant flood risk, the inundation areas caused by floods with a high, medium and low probability and associated process intensities like water depth and flow velocities, as well as the risk maps that visualise the impacts on different assets.

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National Water Management Plan:

The maps on the National Water Management Plan 2021, the National Water Management Plan 2015, and the National Water Management Plan 2009 show the respective contents for rivers, lakes and groundwater as well as on protection and conservation areas. Moreover, via the Web-GIS application the data sheets on every body of water can be made available.

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eHYD provides current data from about 700 precipitation, run-off and groundwater measuring sites in Austria. eHYD Mobil provides now a survey of the current water balance parameters in Austria for smart phones and tablets, which also show the level in the vicinity of the site.

Flood Zaucha

Natural hazards

The HORA (Natural Hazard Overview and Risk Assessment Austria) representations on maps serve as first information and current weather warnings on potential dangers due to various national hazards. It enables each individual citizen to quickly and easily present an initial assessment of his or her personal risk situation at the click of a mouse. A total of eight natural hazards (floods / avalanches / earthquakes / slides / storm/ lightning / hail/ snow) can be displayed in this way.