Regional management bodies and EUREGIOs

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Photo: fritzpress / Walter FRITZ

Regional management bodies act as interfaces and system designers for regional development; EUREGIOs work to promote regional cross-border cooperation.

Objectives and tasks

Regional management bodies act as interfaces and system developers for regional development. They offer an institutional framework which allows the organisation of constructive cooperation between players and serve as innovation-oriented regional advisors and service providers.

Regional management bodies pursue mainly the following goals:

  • to improve the development cooperation of the different players and institutions at the regional level;
  • to develop and implement strategies which are supported “by the basis” and have been coordinated with the Provinces and the Federal Government; and
  • to foster regional key projects in consensus with the region.

The experiences gathered since 1995 indicate that the tasks of the regional management bodies - the four original main activities of information, consultation/support, project development and the development of regional networks of players - have increasingly concentrated on (regional) strategies and key projects.


One specific type of regional management bodies are the EUREGIOs. EUREGIO is the name of regional cross-border organisations which aim at enhancing cooperation beyond national borders. They make a vital contribution to European integration. At the moment, their main function is to design, support and carry out INTERREG Projects.