Culinary Network

Regional and sustainable quality products: The Minister of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism (then Sustainability Minister), Elisabeth Köstinger, and the Head of the Culinary Network, Christina Mutenthaler, presented a comprehensive strategy for the integration of existing culinary initiatives. In a joint approach, Austria with its products and offers is to be positioned as the very culinary destination of Europe.
Photo: BML / Paul Gruber

The Culinary Network is a platform of networking and synergy utilisation for the multitude of different culinary initiatives in the Federal Provinces and regions. Its objective is to pool efforts and to give the initiatives a common direction.

The trend towards regionality and the desire to know where food and ingredients come from has reached a new dimension. In response to this trend, numerous different “culinary initiatives” have been launched in the Federal Provinces and the regions in recent years. They strengthen regional cuisine and provide valuable support to the regions. However, as many of these initiatives worked in isolation an enormous synergy potential has remained unused. The abundance of seals with most different criteria often led to confusion among consumers.

To counteract this situation, the Ministry of Agriculture established the Culinary Network (“Netzwerk Kulinarik”) as a platform for networking and synergy building. The platform builds its strategy on the wide range of culinary initiatives and projects in the regions and takes efforts to combine them and give them a common direction.

'From the region. For the region. Into the world.'

Austria offers a culinary variety that is equalled by hardly any other country. From the Montafon valley in the most western part of Austria to Lake Neusiedl in the most eastern Austrian Province every region sets great store by its typical specialities and the people behind their products. Under the motto 'From the region. For the region. Into the world.’ these unique specialities are to be strengthened and advertised.

The Culinary Strategy

Added value for all stakeholders is achieved in particular through the high quality of regional foods. Therefore, the Culinary Network considers a consistent quality assurance and traceability system as a key component of its Culinary Strategy (“Strategie Kulinarik”). It includes the officially recognised quality label “AMA GENUSS REGION” (AMA region of delight) which can be used by certified rural direct marketers, manufacturers and culinary establishments.

The key to success is close collaboration along the value chain. Therefore, the network establishes a joint marketing and sales strategy and brings together stakeholders along the value-added chain. This enables the use of synergies and a clear orientation and identification with successful regional quality products develops. As a result, added value is generated both for regions and family farms and for consumers.

Background on Network and Strategy

The Culinary Network was launched in 2019 by the ministry of agriculture. It is funded via the Austrian Rural Development Programme and is organised within AMA Marketing. On 10 May 2019 the Culinary Strategy was presented. The Strategy had been developed in cooperation with the Federal Provinces and comprises a comprehensive working programme with over 30 measures.