Data and maps

Photo: BML / Alexander Haiden

Here you get access to data on hydrography / on the water cycle and on water quality. You can receive these data by means of queries based on forms. By means of WebGIS applications, maps of the National Water Management Plan and the Flood Risk Management Plan as well as further information can be retrieved.

Hydrography - data on the water cycle

The core task of hydrography in Austria is the monitoring and the measuring of hydrological processes as well as their systematic analysis. The results of the monitoring of the quantitative hydrography have been summarised in the Austrian Hydrographical Almanac since 1893 and were published in a book until 2013. Since the year 2014 all data of a year and the evaluations of the Hydrographical Almanac have been available on these pages.

Data on water quality

Via the H2O expert database the results of the water status monitoring in running waters, lakes and groundwater and the data of the isotope measuring network are made available. The results of the individual measuring sites themselves can be retrieved in five steps via the quality data query of the H2O expert database of the water information system Austria (WISA).

WISA data query

The WISA data query is a common query function via several expert databases, and enables the joint cross-thematic query of:

  • Data on water quality (physical-chemical and chemical parameters) of the H2O expert database (Ordinance on the Monitoring of the Quality of Water Bodies (GZÜV) Federal Law Gazette II No 479/2006, as amended)
  • Emission data (on measuring sites on running water aggregated load quantities) from the emission register surface waters (Emission Register Ordinance (EmRegV-OW 2017) Federal Law Gazette II, No 207/2017, as amended)
  • Biological data from recordings from the Benthos Database Federal Government (macrozoobenthos and phytobenthos recordings) as well as macrophyte recordings from the Macrophyte Database Federal Government (GZÜV)

Maps /WebGIS

The maps, as well as additional information of the National Water Management Plan, the Flood Risk Management Plan, on natural hazards and on Hydrography Austria are available via WebGIS applications

Flood hazards and risk maps: The maps show areas of potential significant flood risk, the inundation areas caused by floods with a high, medium and low probability and associated process intensities like water depth and flow velocities as well as the risk maps that visualise the impacts on different assets.

National Water Management Plan: The maps on the National Water Management Plan 2021, the National Water Management Plan 2015, and the National Water Management Plan 2009 show the respective contents for rivers, lakes and groundwater as well as on protection and conservation areas.

HydrographyeHYD offers current data of about 700 precipitation runoff and groundwater measuring sites in Austria.  eHYD Mobil provides now a survey of water balance parameters in Austria for smart phones and tablets, which also show the level in the vicinity of the site.

Natural hazards (HORA - Natural Hazard Overview and Risk Assessment Austria): the representations on maps serve as first information and current weather warnings about potential dangers due to various natural hazards such as flood, earthquake, storm, hail and snow. 

eHORA Naturgefahren (in German only)