New online website for Genuss Regionen

Logo of the AMA Genuss Region

The new website of Genuss Regionen, which translates as Regions of Delight, attractively showcases culinary specialties for the purpose of boosting the trend towards regional sourcing of food products.

For over 15 years, the Regions of Delight have been a fixture in Austria's culinary landscape. The products offered by these committed holdings range from Marchfeld vegetables to Innviertler Surspeck (cured speck) and Alpbachtal hay-milk cheese. The Culinary Network now welcomes the Regions of Delight into its fold. A new website has been designed to mark this occasion: all the regions and their products are now easy to find online at True to the motto 'From the region. For the region. Into the world.' the website showcases the delicacies offered by the Regions of Delight.

The Culinary Network was launched to promote sustainable food production in the regions and more effectively incorporate these foods in the culinary scene. It has already brought together over 4,000 restaurants, manufacturers and direct marketers along the entire value chain. The many different culinary initiatives are bundled into a joint strategy for regional food and fostered. For that purpose, the network also supports holdings in the Regions of Delight in their activities.  
From product development and product presentation to event organisation, lots of Regions of Delight have already been able to successfully realise projects in the Culinary Network. The focus is always on regional specialties sourced directly from the farmers in the various regions.

A major goal of the Culinary Network is to position Austria as THE culinary destination in Europe. The first-ever harmonised, consistent and voluntary quality and traceability system with a joint marketing and sales strategy for the approximately 46,000 direct marketers, 6,000 manufacturers and 60,000 restaurants serves as the starting point. From production to retail, marketing, restaurants and hotels, all the partners along the value chain are involved.

In a nutshell: In the Culinary Network everyone pulls in the same direction.